1. For offer eligibility, registration and competing the complete contest as mentioned in GUIDELINES is mandatory.
  2. Every contestant is expected to register and complete the complete contest within the time period of the contest that is between September 21, 2017 to September 30, 2017
  3. Seagate will not be responsible for nonparticipation or non-complication of the complete contest as per the GUIDELINES
  4. One registration per participant will be eligible for the contest. Multiple registration by a single user can result in disqualification of contestant
  5. One individual can participate by using a single User ID
  6. For successful participation it is mandatory for the participant to provide complete details at the time of registration.
  7. In the event of non-availability of certain goodies, the eligible participant will be provided with other items as per the availability and at the sole discretion of Seagate HDD.
  8. Subject to eligibility requirements, the brand will review and process the scores of the participants approximately within 45 calendar days.
  9. The brand reserves the rights to modify or cancel the program at any point of time.
  10. Warranty T&Cs for the Goodies provided will be responsibility of the respective Goodies’ manufacturer and Seagate HDD willbe not liable or responsible to resolve any issues related to the same.
  11. Cash redemption is not permissible in this offer.
  12. The decision of Seagate HDD on any matters in relation to or arising from the offer shall be final and binding.
  13. The personal information provided herein will be stored as per Seagate’s privacy policy and the data will be shared withour partner for offer fulfilment purpose and for informing new offers related to Seagate HDD products.
  14. The promotion offer will end on September; it will be at the sole discretion of Seagate HDD to stop the promotioneven beforeSeptember, 2017.
  15. Seagate HDD will not be liable to provide the offer benefits to customer once the offer is ended .
  16. Seagate HDD reserves the right to add/modify/delete these terms & conditions without anyprior notice and the same shall come into force with immediate effect.
  17. The Grand Prizes is subject to the regulations of each individual state, the winner selection will be done considering everyone’ performance and the final call will be of the brand.
  1. Every participant will have first read the TERMS & CONDITION and GUIDELINES to participate in the contest
  2. Process of playing the contest is as follows:
    1. 1st REGISTER : Registration can be done by going to ACCOUNT page on the website
    2. 2nd ZIGSAW Puzzle : Click on Play now post registration and play the Jigsaw Puzzle of Skyhawk
    3. 3rd LEARN : Learn by reading the special feature of SKYHAWK
    4. 4th Quiz : Play the Quiz
  3. Every Contestant who successful completes the complete contest as mentioned above will be eligible to win an assured gift
  4. The key to win the mega price is completing the Skyhawk Zigsaw puzzle and successful completing the complete quiz in fastest time possible.
  5. Cumulative score of Jigsaw Puzzle and Quiz will be considered for final results
  6. Every participant will get will get only one attempt to complete the contest
  7. Incase a participants cannot complete the any of the mentioned step, contestant can re-login and attempt for step which was left incomplete from incipation of the particular step
  8. The contest is being organised by a “Sketch Consultancy” who are the third party agency hired by Seagate for running the Seagate Surveillance Contest